If you need Lafayette gear, or supplies for your department or team, you’re going to need a charge card this semester. 

In the past, departments could come to the College Store and tell the cashier what account to charge a purchase to. But starting Oct. 1, the College Store is moving to a new system where a charge card will be required for purchases. Each department that has an active account with the College Store will be eligible for a card. This new system will allow departments to control who is charging on an account and will streamline the process for those making frequent purchases. 

“Each department will now be issued a card; only the person with the card will be able to charge items to their department account,” says Peter Violante, assistant store manager. 

Cards will arrive in August, and the program will go live Oct. 1. 

Steps to take now:

  • Only one card will be issued per department. Determine who the point person will be for your department.
  • That representative from each department will need to visit the College Store in late August to sign off on the new guidelines and pick up the card.
  • Questions? Call the College Store at 610-330-5511.

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