Attend the Nov. 8 Judith A. Resnik & John and Muriel Landis lecture: Subtract – The Untapped Science of Less, And How to Access It in Your Lafayette Experience.

Leidy Klotz ’00 studies the science of design, which, he reminds us, is something we all do every day. His research has appeared in both Nature and Science, and his debut popular science book, Subtract, is among the most influential published in 2021. Leidy is a frequent guest on interview programs including Hidden Brain, Freakonomics, and NPR, and has written for The Washington Post, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and Scientific American. A professor at the University of Virginia, Leidy has authored more than 80 original research articles and secured more than $10 million dollars in competitive funding to support his and others’ work in this area. Before becoming a professor, Leidy designed schools in New Jersey and before that he played professional soccer. Leidy Klotz graduated in 2000 with a degree in Civil Engineering and is also a member of the Mens Soccer Maroon Club Hall of Fame.

7:30 p.m. Tues., Nov. 8 • Colton Chapel • MORE

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