On Nov. 2 chefs from Dining Services competed in a culinary showdown in Marquis Dining Hall during a chili cook-off. Four fierce competitors from the campus culinary team faced off during the lunch period. In the end, once all of the votes from taste-testers had been counted, one dish stood out above the rest: Dale’s Texas Trucker Chili.

The winning chili was made by none other than Upper Farinon’s very own, Dale Limeberry. In his 10th year with Bon Appetit, Dale has become a staple on the campus team here, perfecting his chili and putting his touch on many meals along the way. His guiding principle in the kitchen: keep it simple.

Dale’s start in food service began in the 1970s when he worked at the Holiday Inn for two decades. His “truck stop chili” originates from this period, when they would go through about five gallons a day. Back then, the truck stop would draw many celebrities looking for relief from the highway. Of the big names that he would cook for, Muhammed Ali was one of the most memorable. His order was simple though, he just asked Dale to make him some spaghetti.

During his truck stop days the chili was much spicier and used a bit more seasoning. Over the years the recipe has become even more straightforward. He believes food shouldn’t hide behind seasoning, it should taste like it’s meant to taste. The award-winning chili ingredients: beef, kidney beans, tomatoes, onion, green pepper, salt, pepper, cayenne, and light chili powder.

It was an extremely close contest, with only a few votes separating first, second, and third place. The dining service team greatly appreciates each contestant for stepping up to the plate and delivering a tasty chili option at this year’s event. Until the next one!

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