Students, staff, and faculty can submit an event to be included in the College Calendar. Event info needs to be entered into either the College Calendar or OurCampus before submitting your event to Lafayette Today, and that event URL needs to be included in the submission form. 

Here’s a helpful guide to submit an event!

Frequently asked questions:

Why do I need to do this? Adding your event to the calendar helps everyone on campus learn what’s going on, and it helps other groups and departments discern which dates/times/locations might be best for their events because they’ll have a better picture of all that’s happening on campus on a specific day. Also, if anything changes with your event (date, time, location, etc.) you can update the event in College Calendar or OurCampus. Here’s how to cancel or postpone an event in the College Calendar.

Should my event go in OurCampus or the College Calendar?

Student groups planning an event open to other students should add their info to OurCampus. OurCampus can import the event directly into the College Calendar, if you select “everyone” in the “who can see this event” section on the event form. If you don’t have a group in OurCampus, email 

Faculty and staff that do not have a group in OurCampus can add an event to the College Calendar. The College Calendar is a public calendar, and is a great resource to share events for students, faculty, staff, and neighbors. This is a great spot to promote lectures, discussions and events open to a wider audience. Keep in mind it is a public site.

Can I subscribe to certain categories within the College Calendar?

Yes. Here’s how.

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