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As finals draw near, finding a quiet spot to study is key. Some students have a tried-and-true location they seek out every semester; others are looking for a new tranquil refuge. Seven students shared their go-to stategies during finals season. Share yours in the comments section.


Amara Almodovar ’25 studies in Skillman Library.

“The basement of Skillman Library is my go-to study spot. I love using the white boards on these tables or in the study rooms. With all the math classes I am taking, they help me visualize my homework problems.” – Amara Almodovar ’25, West Orange, N.J.

Emily Ortiz ’23 prefers is shown studying by the windows in Skillman Cafe.

“I love the environment of Skillman Café. It reminds me of working at a coffee shop back home in NYC. Being able to take a break and look outside to the Quad is also very grounding for me.” – Emily Ortiz ’23, Brooklyn, NYC

Peter Godziela studies in the library in the residence hall above Gilbert's.

“I used to never come into this space but once I moved into Kirby Hall, I immediately noticed this library in the all-men’s residence hall above Gilbert’s. It reminded me of an old study room, which I hope to have in the future. This corner gives me motivation and peace.” – Peter Godziela ’25, Chatham, N.J.

Eduardo Andrade ’23 studies in an Acopian engineering lab

“Engineering is what I do, so catch me in an Acopian computer lab grinding away with my two- monitor setup, getting one step closer to accomplishing my goals.” — Eduardo Andrade ’23, The Bronx, NYC

Gracie Hatch ’25 studies in the new Oechsle.

“I really love the new Oechsle second-floor salon for its huge windows, which give me lots of natural light. I also love the scenery… being able to look out the window reminds me of the woods back home.” – Gracie Hatch ’25, Springdale, Ark.

Samantha Peabody ’25 studies in Kirby Library

“I love Kirby Library for the quiet environment. It pushes me to focus and study. Plus, it’s a very motivational place for me because I’m also a government and law major; it reminds me of what I am working toward.” – Samantha Peabody ’25, PG County, Md.

Wilmer Carranza ’24 studies in Rockwell [Integrated Sciences Center].

“The environment in Rockwell [Integrated Sciences Center] gives such an inviting and calm energy with its beautiful views of the outside. This gives me the motivation to work on my craft in peace and if needed, with my friends.” – Wilmer Carranza ’24, Alexandria, Va.

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