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By Denisse Villegas ‘25

We asked faculty, staff, and students, “What’s your go-to comfort food during finals?”


Alexandra (Alex) Erickson ‘25, psychology major

Alexandra (Alex) Erickson ’25, psychology major

“I like to splurge at Lower and get a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, specifically the Tonight Dough.”

Alondra Guerrero ‘25

Alondra Guerrero ’25, neuroscience major with biotechnology minor

“My comfort food during finals after long days of studying would probably be mozzarella sticks from Lower late at night.“

Patrick Amoyaw ‘25

Patrick Amoyaw ’25, biology major

“My comfort food at Lafayette would have to be Frosted Flakes from Upper.”

Erin Cottle Hunt, assistant professor - Economics

Erin Cottle Hunt, assistant professor of economics

“My favorite comfort food is anything that’s baked, but mostly cinnamon rolls or muffins. The best cinnamon rolls are from Cake & Corolla right at the bottom of the hill as you walk toward downtown Easton. They’re great. I also like baking muffins with my toddler at home.”

Karina Fuentes, associate director of Intercultural Development

Karina Fuentes, associate director of Intercultural Development

“My comfort food would have to be La Bamba. More than having food or authentic cuisine, I also love to find my community, so one thing that I looked around for when I started working at Lafayette College especially in the Easton area was for my Latinx folks. La Bamba was the first spot I found. You don’t just dine there. You really connect with the family that works there. You get to experience the flavorings, the seasonings, the meats, choices, and everything that they have, which is genuinely authentic Mexican food. Although I am not Mexican, I am very appreciative of that culture. That is my safe space whenever I need to eat good homemade food and connect with my colleagues and students. That is the spot where I take people of all identities and backgrounds.”

 David Shulman, professor-Sociology

David Shulman, professor of sociology

“Detroit-style pizza called The Hot and Honey Pie from The GOAT Pub & Pie (in Stockertown).”

Is your favorite comfort food on this list? If not, share it in the comments section below!

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