Lionel McPherson will present his paper, “American Caste, Not Race” Thurs., March 9. 12:30 – 2 p.m. • Gendebien Room, Skillman Library • MORE • This event is also available virtually via Zoom

In his forthcoming book, The Afterlife of Race: An Informed Philosophical Search (OUP, fall 2023), Lionel McPherson argues that the perpetual stigmatized, wealthless condition of Black America is best understood as a caste phenomenon. Caste calls attention to intergenerational nature and national specificity of the Black American situation, rooted in inherited slavery and enforced segregation; “race,” by contrast, traffics in flat blackness. As McPherson explains it, race intrigue functions as a distraction—from the subjugation, exploitation, and nonrepair of the historical American “Slaves” caste—by (mis)directing focus to some global antiblack racism phenomenon of lesser importance.

Sponsored by:
The Louise M. Olmsted Fund for Ethics and The Philosophy Department

Contact: Professor Matthew Andler

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