Dean’s excuses are utilized to account for class absences that are necessitated by a predefined set of circumstances. The Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs is empowered to issue dean’s excuses in accordance with the policy as defined within the faculty handbook.

In order to request an excuse, students were previously directed to email their relevant class dean. The Office of Advising & Co-Curricular programs is pleased to announce that beginning March 20, students should use the request form link, to request that a dean’s excuse be issued on their behalf. Requests are accepted in advance of the date(s) of absence for active participation in recognized College and intercollegiate activities, as well as observance of sincerely held religious beliefs. The same link should be used to request an excuse on an as needed basis for bereavement, extraordinary circumstances, and family emergencies.

Please note that the Office of Advising is not authorized to issue a dean’s excuse for medical- or health-related reasons without verification from a healthcare provider. Instead, dean’s excuses for health-related reasons are issued directly from Bailey Health Center. Students who become ill and do not feel well enough to attend class should contact the Health Center at 610-330-5001 for an appointment to be evaluated. If deemed appropriate, Bailey Health Center will issue an excuse on your behalf. It is not necessary to make a separate request.

However, students who are advised to refrain from attending classes by an off-campus healthcare provider can use the link to request an excuse and upload their verification note.

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