The Compute-to-Learn (C2L) Pedagogy is a project-based learning experience during which students collaborate in a studio environment to code Mathematica demonstrations of physical chemistry concepts.

At Lafayette, the C2L approach is applied in physical chemistry courses, where upper-level students collaborate to create educational demonstrations for general chemistry students. During the semester, students learn key programming skills that they apply within the context of physical chemistry. At the end of the semester, the student demonstrations undergo external peer-review and are published on the Wolfram Demonstrations Project website.

During this talk CITLS 22 – 23 SoTL Scholar, Prof. Heidi Hendrickson, will describe the foundations of the C2L approach, as well as strategies and solutions for adapting C2L for an undergraduate liberal arts college. Furthermore, the effect of utilizing student demonstrations created by upper-level physical chemistry students has been investigated within a general chemistry course, and this talk will discuss the findings from that study.

12-1 p.m. Mon., April 17 • Rockwell Room 460 • MORE

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