Olivia Najjar ’23 received the Outstanding Student Presentation Award from the American Geophysical Union. Najjar, and fellow Geology students, Morgan Merritt ’25, Gianna Greger ’23, and Liana Wijetunga ‘26, presented research on microplastics in the modern world at a Geological Society of America meeting in Virginia. Prof. Tamara Carley was a co-author along with Merritt and Greger, and Prof. Dave Sunderlin was a co-author along with Najjar and Wijetunga. Professors Lawrence Malinconico and Sunderlin presented on teaching enhancements in the field and classroom made possible by mobile apps developed for geology fieldwork. Research Associate MaryAnn Malinconico presented on sedimentary geology of ancient coastal deposits in Maryland and their tie to Pennsylvania bedrock. Prof. Kira Lawrence will present an Earth Day lecture at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, “Back to the Future: Insights into Future Climate Change” April 22.

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