Seniors can apply for a used gown at Commencement through The Hand-Me-Down Commencement Gown Program. This program is a Student Government and Office of Sustainability initiative to distribute used caps, gowns, and hoods to current seniors through a pay-what-you-can model. This program increases the accessibility of gowns (removing the $60+ cost) and achieves zero-waste goals by decreasing the number of single-use gowns thrown away each year. To request regalia, apply for the program by April 13. Supplies are limited, and items are not guaranteed. After Commencement, grads are asked to “pay it forward” by donating their regalia to next year’s seniors. To donate after Commencement, graduates can drop off their regalia in any Green Move-Out bin across campus.


  1. Jasmine Nguyen says:

    I would like to leave my gown for future students

  2. Samantha Smith says:

    Thank you so much, Jasmine. There will be boxes at Farinon, but you can also donate in any Green Move Out bin/POD. We appreciate your support to be able to provide used gowns in future years!

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