Professor Bernd Renner, professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, Brooklyn College, CUNY, will give a lecture 4:10-5:30 p.m. Wed., April 12 • Kirby Hall of Civil Rights, Room 104.

Professor Renner will offer a discussion of the major directions that satire is taking in the long 16th century across what is now known as Western Europe, touching on the three essential incarnations that the mode is susceptible of taking: gratuitous, harmless laughter (close to pure entertaining comedy); didactic, constructive laughter (close to a moralizing bent); destructive, polemic laughter (close to the tragic). These attacks will either be straight forward, ad hominem, or subtle, often ironic, attacking either symptoms and perpetrators or root causes and concepts.

Event Contact: Professor Olga Anna Duhl ~

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