UPDATE: The location has changed since the story was initially posted. The ceremony will now be held in Clay Ketchum Room-Marquis Dining Hall.

The Office of Intercultural Development will host a multicultural stole ceremony May 1. A multicultural stole ceremony is a graduation tradition that honors the diverse cultural identities and experiences of graduates.

The ceremony typically involves the presentation of a stole, a decorative sash, or a stole that represents the graduate’s cultural heritage or affiliations. During the ceremony, graduates will receive their stoles from their advisor or mentor to celebrate their cultural identities and share their stories with fellow graduates and audience members.

The event will be held 6:30-9 p.m. Mon., May 1 in Clay Ketchum Room-Marquis. MORE

The event will also include music, food, and refreshments. The multicultural stole ceremony is a powerful way to promote diversity, inclusion, and cultural understanding, and to recognize the unique contributions of each graduate to the community.

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