Beginning Aug. 27, 2023, students across the College with on-campus employment will see increased rates of pay as part of the College’s ongoing commitment to increase the minimum wage for student work. The new minimum wage will be $8.50 per hour. The hourly rates across all categories of work have also been increased accordingly. Additionally, students participating in the EXCEL Scholars program will receive an additional $1/hour premium.

In January 2022 the College raised the minimum rate to $8.25 per hour. This was the first increase in several years. At that time, the College committed to re-examining the rate structure each fiscal year and is pleased to provide this most recent increase as part of that ongoing commitment.

The funding to increase the rates will not negatively impact individual departmental operating budgets, as the increase was accounted for in the College’s overall fiscal 2024 budget.

View the updated rate structure.