Are you feeling homesick? If so, you are not alone!

While many students look forward to the freedom of college, it’s not uncommon for feelings of homesickness to arise. Surrounded by newness, you may crave the comfort of home, your support system, and pets. You may long for home after experiencing a form of uncertainty, anxiety or rejection. Homesickness is a normal, natural process when adjusting to college. Remind yourself that these experiences are typical when acclimating to a new environment.

We all vary in our ability to adapt to change and transition; be mindful not to compare your experience to those of others. Whether you’re a first-year student or simply adjusting to another year on campus, show yourself compassion and patience as you navigate these changes. 

Find helpful tips and resources to manage feelings of homesickness from the Counseling Center.

Submitted by: Jamie Kardelis