By: Kelly Huth

In the coming weeks, 15 new dispensers stocked with free menstrual products will be added in restrooms throughout campus. 

Lafayette for Reproductive Autonomy, Justice, and Empowerment (L-RAJE) announced the plans as part of phase two of the student group’s Menstrual Equity Project. President Nicole Hurd agreed to fund phase two, which will allow the group to add dispensers to Athletics buildings and first-year residence halls.

Eighteen months ago, L-RAJE founder Thalia Charles ’22 introduced L-RAJE and the Menstrual Equity Project to campus. In phase one, L-RAJE received support from Student Government and installed 18 Aunt Flo dispensers in buildings across campus. 

L-RAJE wanted to expand the program and approached President Hurd’s office, Student Government, and Facilities to talk through phase two.

“We feel appreciative and grateful to President Hurd and her office for listening to us, and for funding this initiative,” says Emily Mackin ’24, L-RAJE’s vice president of marketing. “This can really impact campus in a significant way.”

Dispensers will be added to 15 buildings:

  • Kirby Hall of Civil Rights
  • Hogg Hall
  • Admissions
  • Scott Hall
  • Weinstein Natatorium
  • Kirby Sports Center
  • South College
  • Ruef Hall
  • Rubin Hall
  • Kamine Hall
  • Conway House
  • Marquis Hall
  • Soles Hall
  • Marquis Dining Hall
  • Gilbert’s Café

The group is also working on an interactive map that will show students where products are available across campus. L-RAJE plans to add dispensers to gender neutral bathrooms where available.

Mackin explains that L-RAJE’s initial letter sought implementation of free, sustainable menstrual products in all Lafayette College campus buildings by the end of the 2023-2024 academic year.

“We felt compelled to live up to those demands and implement these changes,” she says.

The group will continue to work toward its goal, as well as securing long-term financial support for menstrual equity on campus. 

“We strategically and intentionally think about ways we can provide for the student body in ways that align with our organization’s values,” Mackin says.

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