Celebrating new employees who joined the College, and employee retirements between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2023:

New Employees

Name Title Department
Ali, Salina Visiting Asst. Professor Physics
Appelhans, Sarah Assistant Professor Engineering Studies
Bartman, John Police Officer Public Safety
Beuger, Jop Asst. Coach, Field Hockey Athletics
Biernacki, Lauren Assistant Professor (joint position with Computer Science) Electrical and Computer Engineering
Campbell, Christian A. Visiting Asst. Professor English
Carter, Michael Visiting Asst. Professor Economics
Chesterton, Rita Director of Dyer Center Dyer Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Chin, Sayorn Assistant Professor Economics
Chiu, Yi-Ying Fulbright Scholar Languages & Literary Studies
Cichlar, Aidan Business Services Analyst Finance & Business
Cobb, Kayley Publicity Asst. Athletic Communications
Coleman, James Lafayette Inn Staff Lafayette Inn
Corr, Natalie Group Fit Instructor Athletics
Cristali, Loie Lafayette Inn Staff Lafayette Inn
Damircheli, Mehrnoosh Visiting Asst. Professor Mechanical Engineering
Dangerfield, Darius Asst. Coach, Basketball /Director Operations Athletics
Deily, Heather Coordinator of Arts, Humanities & Sciences Provost Office
DeMeester, Kristen Assistant Professor Chemistry
Diaz, Alexarmando Director Operations, Baseball Athletics
Downey, Amy Alumni Magazine Editor Communications
Durrah, Gregg A. Director, Program Development, Baseball Athletics
Ellis, Amy Library Staff Library
Ellis, Chevaan Asst. Coach, Strength & Conditioning Athletics
Enayati, Hooman Visiting Asst. Professor Mechanical Engineering
Fama, Julianne Asst. Director, Alumni Engagement Development
Fattell, Jean Lafayette Inn Staff Lafayette Inn
Fell, Alyssa Facilities Support Facilities Operations
Fereno, Zachary Athletic Communications Asst. Athletic Communications
Ford, Daniel B.

Furman, Ty

Asst. Coach Volleyball

Director of the Performance Series-Williams Center for the Arts



Green, Casey Operations Specialist Athletics
Groves, Dylan Assistant Professor Government and Law
Harerimana, Ferdinand Visiting Asst. Professor Physics
Hartner, Heather Sr. Advisor to EVP Finance and Administration
Hassan Balasubramanya, Sahana Assistant Professor Mathematics
Helton, Kimberly Group Fit Instructor Athletics
Hernandez, Maria Visiting Asst. Professor Languages and Literary Studies
Herzog, Alicia Asst. Manager, Events & Innkeeper Scheduling and Event Planning
Hess, Jessica Intern Religious and Spiritual Life
Hiton, Lisa H. Visiting Asst. Professor English Department
Hughes, Alexis Asst. Director, Forensic Act Office of Advising
Iannelli, Thomas Director, Procurement Finance & Administration
Ibrahim, Ahmed Visiting Asst. Professor Psychology
Jones, Edward Coordinator, Aquatics & Intramurals Recreation Services
Keeler, Kyle Assistant Professor Environmental Science &
Kelenyi, Gabbi

Kepka, Marta

Assistant Professor

Director of Arts Marketing-Williams Center for the Arts



Klaus, Tabitha Director, Operations & Patron Services Williams Center for the Arts
Klien, Jessica Group Fit Instructor Athletics
Kolton, Kara Group Fit Instructor Athletics
Korona Keys, Celia Lafayette Inn Staff Lafayette Inn
Ligeikis, Connor Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering
Mandali, Anusree Visiting Asst. Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering
Marvin, Amy Louise M. Olmsted Fellow Philosophy
McDonald, David Police Officer Public Safety
McGuinness, Jessica Dispatcher Public Safety
Morris, Tyler Club Coach Student Organizations
Moschenross, Sarah Jane VP Student Life Student Life
Mowrey, Francesco Asst. Coach, Tennis Athletics
Nolasco, Benjamin Custodian Facilities Operations
Norman, Beth C. Visiting Asst. Professor Biology
O’Connor, Kevin Visiting Asst. Professor Psychology
Olsson Berggren, Mikael Visiting Asst. Professor Languages & Literary Studies
Pospisil, Kendra Visiting Asst. Professor Anthropology & Sociology
Probstner, Daniel Fulbright Scholar Languages and Literatures
Puig de Dios, Yunied Visiting Asst. Professor Mathematics
Reyes, Usiel Police Officer Public Safety
Romig, Lori Custodian Facilities Operations
Roy, Manami Assistant Professor Mathematics
Sarao, Jr., John Visiting Instructor Geology & Environmental Geosciences
Seda, Abraham T. Asst. Professor History
Smith-Dawson, Anna Facilities Coordinator Facilities Operations
Snyder, Lori Lafayette Inn Staff Lafayette Inn
Sona, Amanda Visiting Assistant Professor Chemistry
Stefancin, Stephanie Security Officer Public Safety
Stefanelli, Lisa Group Fit Instructor Athletics
Sun, Yueyi Asst. Professor Mechanical Engineering
Tandir, Ismar Asst. Coach, Men’s Soccer Athletics
Tranbaugh, Chelsea Group Fit Instructor Athletics
Trumble, Ruth Visiting Asst. Professor International Affairs
Turek, Daniel Associate Professor Mathematics
Valdivia, Carmen Assistant Professor Languages & Literary Studies
Vandenberg, Christine Lafayette Inn Staff Lafayette Inn
Wert,Tasha Lafayette Inn Staff Lafayette Inn
Weston, Leslie S. Custodian Facilities Operations
You, Sunmi Assistant Professor Art
Zandier, Victoria Event Support Associate Scheduling & Event Planning
Zhang, Li Visiting Asst. Professor Economics


Last Name First Name Department
Orey Brad Finance and Administration
Bullock Robert Facilities
Dorsey Jeffrey Facilities
Michel Susan Athletics
Bailey Jonathan Facilities
Liew Chun Provost

Disclaimer: We do our best to recognize Lafayette employees. We apologize in advance, however, if technological or human errors may occur. Please let us know if a name was omitted and we will run it in the next quarterly story.

Submitted by: Human Resources