A night scene of an adirondack chair. The chair has been accentuated with light-painting, creating the effect of a red starburst around the chair. In the background twinkle lights are visible.

Photographer Adam Atkinson and Videographer Alfred Greenbaum worked together to create this image without using any digital effects. The photo was taken during the Nov. 29 Quad Lighting. Check out more photos!

A chemistry student works at a computer station in a low lit room. the monitor of the computer is reflected on the left side of the image.

Student researcher Braeden Beal ’25 analyzes data from a recent peptide purification. Learn more about this research, led by Michael Bertucci, assistant professor of chemistry.

A low-angle shot of a football player ringing a bell on the sideline of a football field. The player ringing the bell is surrounded by other players.

Still can’t stop thinking about that Rivalry game? Here are a few photos from the Nov. 18 game. Lafayette Leopards Quarterback Dean Denobile ’26 rings the bell after scoring a touchdown at the Lafayette Lehigh Rivalry game. Enjoy more photos and video from the historic win.

A football player is screaming into the camera. He is on a football field. There players behind him.

Tight end Tyler Roberts ’25 screams into the camera just before the Lafayette Lehigh rivalry game.

A football coach wearing a headset stands between a football player and a refeeree. The coach is looking at the referee.

Lafayette College Football Coach John Troxell glances at the referee during the Lafayette Lehigh rivalry game.

A black and white photo of a group of male football players hoisting the patriot league championship trophy abover their heads.

The Lafayette Leopards celebrated their win over Lehigh and Patriot League Champions with a celebration on the Quad. Check out more photos from Rivalry Week 2023.