Stress Less, the Counseling Center, and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life will be hosting a wellness fair, “Thrive Through Finals” 12-4 p.m. Mon., Dec. 11 in Hogg Hall to give the campus community a chance to destress, recharge, and practice some self-care as we enter finals week.


12-2 p.m.: Mindful Coloring & Study Tips (In partnership with the Counseling Center)

2-3 p.m.: Restorative Yoga (With singing bowls and guided meditation)

3-4 p.m.: Meditation Circle (Accompanied by guided breath work and deep rest)

No need to stay for the whole event! This is open to the entire campus community (students, faculty, and staff), and anyone is welcome to pop in and pop out whenever they are free.

Submitted by: Shreya Suresh