Seventeen new dispensers have been installed in line with L-RAJE’s Menstrual Equity Project Phase 2.

The new locations are as follows:

  • Kirby Hall of Civil Rights, first floor gender neutral bathroom
  • Hogg Hall, basement gender neutral bathroom
  • Markle Hall (Admissions), first floor gender neutral bathroom
  • Scott Hall, first floor gender neutral bathroom
  • Weinstein Natatorium, women’s bathroom
  • Kirby Sports Center
  • Marquis Dining Hall, first floor women’s bathroom
  • Gilbert’s Cafe, women’s bathroom
  • Keefe Commons
  • Soles Basement, Study Lounge women’s bathroom
  • South Basement, Lounge gender neutral bathroom
  • Grossman House, first floor bathroom
  • Lavender Lounge (in Lavender Lane), first floor guest bathroom
  • Rubin Basement, bathroom
  • Kirby Hall, residential building, first floor bathroom

Submitted by: Emily Mackin