UPDATED: This story was updated on Dec. 11, to reflect an additional student study space. The original story noted six study spaces.

By Hasnat Aslam ’27

As finals draw near, the need for students to find optimum study spots becomes apparent. Six students shared their go-to study spots for lengthy study sessions. Share yours in the comments sections.

A student studies in Skillman Library in front of a computer

Virginia Sacotingo ’25, government & law and French double major

“The Skillman Cafe is my go-to study spot. I love the views of the Quad it offers, which is very relaxing amidst finals stress. It is also always helpful for me to get a quick coffee for late-night study binges!”

A student studies in a chair in Farinon

Dev Kothari ’27, mechanical engineering major

“It is not usual for people to think of Lower Farinon as a study spot, but I like the fact it has a nice open space. Also, the dining hall is just one floor above, so I don’t have to really disrupt my study sessions when the food cravings hit.”

Two students study at the tables in Skillman

Valdemar Kofod-Olsen ’26, economics major

“I like to study in the front section of Skillman because it’s a great place to do group study sessions and talk about P-sets with my friends.”

A student studies with headphones on in Skillman

Don Bosco Haingura ’25, engineering studies major and Architectural Studies minor

“Not many people know of the Tech Lounge in Skillman Library, so unlike other places, it’s not crowded. This allows me to really focus and also sometimes play my music there.”

A student studies in front of a laptop in RISC

Prem Kumar ’26, engineering studies and international affairs double major

“I love to study at the Dyer Center in RISC because I really like its modernistic design and idyllic views of the hill from the windows. I am a Dyer Fellow, and I feel more comfortable studying in the Dyer Center. I feel that RISC is one of my favorite buildings on campus. I feel more motivated and more productive in my work.”

Two students study in the Rothkopf study room

Hannah LeRoux ’25, mathematics and economics double major, and Adeline Wagner  ’25, economics and policy studies double major

“The Rothkopt Study Room (in Skillman Library) is really cool to study because it’s quiet, offers picturesque views of the campus, and you can see the coolest art piece on campus!”

Matthew Reiss studies at a table at Kirby Library.

Matthew Reiss ’27, government & law major

“I just love the quaint charm of the Kirby Library. The wood aesthetic reminds me of old movies and is a great backdrop when studying for my major. Plus, it’s very quiet!”