Employees with a health care and/or dependent care flexible spending account (FSA) in 2023 are reminded that reimbursable expenses must be incurred in calendar year 2023. 

Participants in the health care FSA may carry over up to $640 of unused expenses from their 2023 health care FSA election to be used for qualified expenses in 2024. However, if you have more than $640 of unreimbursed health care expenses from calendar year 2023, any remaining balance above $640 will be forfeited as required by law, if not spent in 2023 and submitted to WEX online or via a reimbursement request form, and faxed or mailed/postmarked by the March 31, 2024 deadline. Forms and submission instructions can be found on the Flexible Spending Account page on the HR website. This carryover provision does NOT apply to the Dependent Care FSA. 

Questions? Call WEX at 1-866-451-3399 or Human Resources at ext. 5060.

Submitted by: Tammy Trach