Lafayette for Reproductive Autonomy, Justice, and Empowerment (L-RAJE), Student Government, and the College are pleased to announce they have identified the best way to meet student needs for menstrual products on campus. Building on the pilot program initiated by Student Government and the advocacy of L-RAJE, the College has been increasing the availability of free menstrual products through the Pard Pantry and strategically placed dispensers. The College administration, Student Government, and L-RAJE have together developed the following plan to sustain these programs for the long term:

  • The College will continue to provide free menstrual products in bathrooms across more than 30 academic, residential, and other locations. The products will be stocked on the same regular rotation as toilet paper and paper towels.
  • The College has offered to enable 24/7access to Pard Pantry with Lafayette ID/swipe card access starting in the coming school year. In the meantime, Student Government has established regular open hours at Pard Pantry, which the College and L-RAJE will help Student Government promote.