By Hasnat Aslam ’27 

Update: This article has been updated from its initial version.

Upon her initial visit to Lafayette College, Thania Hernandez ’25 informed her mother of her ambition to one day serve as the College’s Student Government president. Two years later, her aspiration was realized when she was elected unopposed to the position.

Thania Hernandez is pictured in the library

Hernandez is pursuing a double major in English and theater, with a minor in geology. “I have also had a passion for understanding the underlying meaning behind expression, which drew me to English and theater,” she says. Following graduation, Hernandez intends to pursue a law degree and enter the corporate law sector.

“I have enjoyed getting to know Thania over the last year as vice president of Student Government and as she has begun her term in the presidency,” President Nicole Hurd says. “I’m impressed by her thoughtfulness and great care for this community, and her commitment to making Student Government a positive influence on the student experience at Lafayette. As the strategic plan takes shape, I’m really looking forward to continuing our partnership to improve the everyday lives of our students.”

A Posse Scholar, Hernandez has participated in student government since her high school years, where she served as student body president. She is guided by the quote, “I can’t change the world, but I can change someone’s world,” which she strives to embody. “When I see something that has potential to start change, I love to be a part of that. I love to talk to people and work toward the best outcome for everybody. Student Government has given me the outlet to pursue this progress.

Hernandez acknowledges the numerous challenges that must be overcome for Student Government to achieve its objectives. She notes that Student Government started the semester with a few vacancies, which resulted in an increased workload for the Student Government executive board. However, the majority of those vacancies have been filled and will continue to be filled over the summer for the Class of 2025. Hernandez expresses her pride in her peers’ unwavering dedication to maintaining smooth operations. “We want to implement a system where students are truly heard. And while that may not be wholly accomplished during my tenure, I hope to leave a legacy that allows future batches to continue working toward that goal,” she affirms.

In addition to her involvement in Student Government, Hernandez actively participates in various campus organizations. Notably, she is an EXCEL Scholar, captain of the College’s Mock Trial Team, an Arts Houser, member of Alpha Alpha Alpha (a first-generation honor society), and historian for Sigma Tau Delta (an English honor society). 

Her top priorities as Student Government president are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Increase Student Government transparency with the student body. 
  2. Increase Student Government collaboration with students and groups on campus.
  3. Renovate the Student Government office to provide a comfortable place for in-person communication.
  4. Ensure cohesiveness among members of Student Government. 
  5. Make tangible improvements to the student experience every semester. 
  6. Make Student Government a fun and exciting organization where members feel empowered. 
  7. Support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts across the campus. 
  8. Begin to build an alumni network for future members of Student Government. 
  9. Encourage student participation in Student Government projects and initiatives. 
  10. Support Student Government members with their committee work and the sense of pressure their position carries.