People standing at a table with paper, paint, and brushes in front of them while the person in the center speaks.

The Asian Cultural Association (ACA) & Asian Studies Program hosted a Mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock print) workshop with artist Patty Hudak as part of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. | Olivia Giralico

3 people are out of focus and looking away from the camera as a fourth person is in focus between them.

Rexford Ahene, real estate advisor in residence, sits among the judges at the sixth annual Real Estate Case Competition hosted by the Dyer Center. | Olivia Giralico

A group of people sitting together on the quad painting plant pots.

Lafayette Farm and Food Co-op (LaFFCo) hosted a paint-a-pot get-a-plant event April 24. | Adam Atkinson

Medium shot of the Leopard statue from the side with pink flower buds out of focus in the background.

The Leopard guards the hill on a sunny spring day. | Adam Atkinson

A photo taken inside a building with surrounding glass walls looking out to the street and parking lot.

Catch an inside glimpse of the construction at New Simon Center for Economics and Business. | Adam Atkinson