A student an remote controlled airplane are silouetted on a backdrop of clouds.

A plane soars through the sky as Johnathan Hunt ’24 watches.  Photo by | Adam Atkinson

A male presenting Lafayette College student is seen running down an airfield landing strip as he throws a remote controlled airplane into the air for a manual take-off.

A remote-controlled plane is launched into the air by Charlie Foster ’24. Photo by | Adam Atkinson

a female presenting Lafayette College student wearing a white shirt sits across from a an elementary school student at a small table. Behind them are book shelves filled with books in soft focus.

Isabella Rodriguez ’26 is seen reading to a young student. Photo by | Adam Atkinson

A woman dressed in yellow walk down an aisle of pews alongside other audience members.

Administrator of the Year was awarded to Karina Fuentes at the 2024 Aaron O. Hoff Awards. Photo by | Adam Atkinson