Admin Council will have open seats with varying term lengths in the following areas starting July 1. Administrators and staff from these areas are welcome to submit nominations or self-nominate to fill these seats. 

  • Finance & Administration: Finance & Business Services subdivision (3-year term; 2024-27)
  • Finance & Administration: Any subdivision ( 3-year term; 2024-27)
  • Inclusion (temporary 2-year term; 2024-26)
  • ITS (temporary 1-year term; 2024-25)
  • Student Life (3-year term; 2024-27)
  • Student Life (temporary 2-year term; 2024-26)

There will also be a special election for a 1-year term (2025-26) to fill vacancies created by the Chair-Elect and Vice Chair-Elect:

  • Academics
  • Enrollment Services

Questions? Contact the Admin Council Election Committee through the Admin Council contact form.


Submitted by: Melissa Dalrymple