Facilities Operations will once again be initiating the annual testing and inspections in all on- and off-campus buildings. JCI inspection team will be conducting the testing and inspection, which will include the sounding of the bells, horns, or audible voice systems, starting May 20.

Please refer to the Johnson Controls annual fire alarm testing and inspection list, which includes the schedule for all facilities, to find out when the fire alarm testing is scheduled for your building.

Campus Buildings Date Student Housing Date
Kirby Sports Center 20-May Watson Courts 21-May
421 Hamilton Annex 29-May Rubin Hall 22-May
Chateau 225 Paxinosa 29-May Kamine Hall 22-May
Pardee Hall 30-May Fisher West 23-May
Van Wickle Hall 31-May Kirby House 23-May
Colton Chapel 31-May 524 Clinton Terr. 24-May
Child Care Center 3-Jun March Hall 24-May
Simon Center 4-Jun Gates Hall 28-May
Kirby Hall 5-Jun Fisher East 28-May
Markle Hall 6-Jun Keefe Hall 29-May
Acopian Eng. Center 7-Jun Easton Hall 3-Jun
Oechsle Hall 10-Jun 635 High St. 3-Jun
1001 Bushkill Dr. 10-Jun Farber Hall 4-Jun
Skillman Library 18-Jun 512 March St. 5-Jun
Farinon Center 19-Jun Ramer Hall 6-Jun
Scott Hall 21-Jun Alpha Phi 10-Jun
Fisher Field Press Box 21-Jun PT Farinon 10-Jun
901 Bushkill Dr. 25-Jun Pi Beta Phi 10-Jun
Bailey Health Center 26-Jun Conway House 10-Jun
Hogg Hall 27-Jun Watson Hall 12-Jun
Bourger Football Bldg 27-Jun 225 Reeder House 12-Jun
Ramer History House 28-Jun 4 West Campus – Chi Phi 13-Jun
Kamine Field House 28-Jun 718 Hamilton 14-Jun
Feather House 1-Jul Lerch House 17-Jun
228 Green Street 1-Jul McKeen Hall 20-Jun
Leopard Parking Deck 2-Jul Ruef Hall 24-Jun
Williams Center 3-Jul McKelvy House 26-Jun
Oechsle Global 5-Jul 511 College Ave 26-Jun
Steam Plant 5-Jul Phi Kappa Phi – Fraternity 28-Jun
248 N. 3rd St. 9-Jul Soles Hall 2-Jul
999 Bushkill Drive 9-Jul DKE House 2-Jul
Hugel Hall 10-Jul 2 West Campus 3-Jul
Rockwell Int. Sci. Ctr 11-Jul Marquis Hall & Suite 8-Jul
Willams Visual Arts 12-Jul 421 Hamilton (Res.) 9-Jul
Buck Hall 15-Jul 611 High St. (Grossman) 15-Jul
South College Hall 16-Jul
Portlock Center 41 McCartney 17-Jul

Submitted by: Bob Meyer