On June 18, the Robert B. and Helen S. Meyner Center for the Study of State and Local Government proudly hosted the pivotal Annual Forum on Local Government to approximately 80 local officials. This year’s theme was “Building a 21st Century Workforce,” focusing on the transformative strategies needed in recruitment, retention, and succession planning within local government sectors.

The event featured Patrick Ibarra of the Mejorando Group, a renowned expert in government talent management and succession planning, as the keynote speaker. The forum also included a roundtable discussion and a panel of distinguished Pennsylvania local government elected officials and professionals who shared their insights, experiences, and best practices. The panel included David Woglom ’78, retired associate director for public service, along with Carolyn McCreary, Montgomery Township manager and John Ernst, Lansdale borough manager.

A complimentary lunch was provided for all attendees, offering a valuable opportunity to network with peers and discuss innovative solutions and strategies in a more informal setting.

This event was a vital gathering for elected officials, municipal managers and administration, HR professionals, department heads, and anyone interested in the future of public sector management. Attendees engaged with thought leaders, gained actionable insights, and contributed to shaping the future of talent management in local government.

Also, President Nicole Hurd provided welcome remarks and she emphasized the need to calm the political world and highlighted the crucial role of local government in achieving this goal along how the students are gaining the skill set to be able to assist in the task. Her words set a thoughtful and inspiring tone for the day’s discussions.


Submitted by: Nicole Beckett