The all-glass facade of a building is seen through sihlouetted leaves.

(Caption: Work is wrapping up on the William E. Simon Center for Economics and Business.)

Several campus upgrade projects are nearing completion this summer. Here’s a quick look at work happening on campus, including the opening of William E. Simon Center for Economics and Business, an aesthetic improvement to the Leopard Parking Deck, and new building signs and wayfinding campus maps.

Space updates

Wayfinding and signage

In the first phase of wayfinding updates now underway to make campus easier to traverse for both visitors and the campus community, the following building signs have been installed or are slated for installation:

  • William E. Simon Center for Economics and Business (formerly Kunkel Hall)
  • Jenks Hall
  • McCartney II

Additionally, signage for the following areas will be moved to more visible locations:

  • Farinon College Center
  • Hogg Hall
  • Leopard Parking Deck

LCAT shuttle QR codes

To help students using campus shuttles, new signage will be added under existing LCAT shuttle signs that include a QR code to the LCAT shuttle schedule, so students can easily learn when the next shuttle is due to arrive.


Nine new campus maps are being added throughout campus this summer to make navigation easier for students, employees, and visitors. Maps are being added in the following locations:

  • Arts Campus: Near Escarpment Trail
  • Sullivan Road: Near Leopard Parking Deck
  • Quad: Near Farinon College Center
  • Near Oechsle Center for Global Education
  • Near Schwartz-Schoor Plaza
  • Near Markle Hall
  • In Fisher Stadium
  • At the Bushkill Lot, near Bushkill Drive and Dietrich Drive
  • Near Marquis Hall

Each map will have a QR code that links to an online map for related updates (e.g., new buildings added or updated names of campus spaces).

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