These fall 2024 and spring 2025 on-campus jobs are now open to applications. Interested? Submit your application today!


Williams Center Technician, Apply by Aug. 9

FALL 2024

Office and Event Assistant/Yearbook Editor; apply by July 31

Student Animal Caretaker Assistant; apply by Aug. 12

Communications Intern, Sustainability; apply by Sept. 13

Outreach and Engagement Intern, Sustainability Office; apply by Sept. 13

Sports Photographer; apply by Sept. 18

Tutor/Mentor – America Reads Program; apply by Nov. 29

Office Assistant/Equipment & Lockers; apply by Dec. 4

Office Assistant/Building Operations; apply by Dec. 4

Student Athletic Trainer; apply Sept. 5, 2024 through March 5, 2025

FALL 2024/SPRING 2025

Communications Assistant; apply by Aug. 24

Lafayette Today Student Contributor; apply by Aug. 24

Social Media Assistant; apply by Aug. 24

CITLS Student Fellow; apply by Aug. 25

Submitted by: Gateway Career Center